Rebuild the DataPump packages in Oracle

Rebuild the DataPump packages in Oracle

Following are the steps to rebuild the DATAPUMP packages in Oracle
Note: If EXPDP or IMPDP is having problem is corrupted or not running then we can tried to recreate their packages.

1. Check the invalid objects or components in your database.

set pages 1000
set lines 120
col owner format a24
col object_name format a30
col object_type format a30
col comp_id format a20
col comp_name format a40
col version format a10
col status format a15
-- Check components
select comp_id,comp_name,version,status from dba_registry
order by 1;
-- Check objects
SELECT owner, object_name, object_type,object_id FROM dba_objects
WHERE status != 'VALID'

2. For 10g or 11g version: Execute the following steps by opening database in upgrade mode.
Note: If you are in Oracle 12c follow step 3 only.

shutdown immediate;
startup upgrade;
shutdown immediate;

3. For Oracle 12c, only run the DPLOAD.SQL utility
Note: In CDB environment, all PDBS must be in open state.


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