Installation of MongoDB on Windows

Installation of MongoDB on Windows

Following are the steps involved in installing the MongoDB on Windows Server:

1. First download the MongoDB in zip format.

2. Extract the MongoDB on folder

cd D:\mongoDB

3. Make the folder for data files.

mkdir D:\monogoDB\data

4. Start the Mongo DB Server
–dbpath : for specific the data file location if not specific it will take default location D:\data\db

D:\mongodb\bin\mongod.exe --dbpath d:\mongodb\data

You can check:
Datafile is created : local.ns ,local.0

5. Following log will show:

2014-09-09T10:54:29.503+0530 [initandlisten] MongoDB starting : pid=2908 port=27017 dbpath=d:\mongodb\data 64-bit host=INHOSR09WPU8
2014-09-09T10:54:29.519+0530 [initandlisten] targetMinOS: Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 R2
2014-09-09T10:54:29.519+0530 [initandlisten] db version v2.6.4
2014-09-09T10:54:29.519+0530 [initandlisten] git version: 3a830be0eb92d772aa855ebb711ac91d658ee910
2014-09-09T10:54:29.519+0530 [initandlisten] build info: windows sys.getwindowsversion(major=6, minor=1, build=7601, platform=2, service_pack='Service Pack 1')BOOST_LIB_VERSION=1_49
2014-09-09T10:54:29.519+0530 [initandlisten] allocator: system
2014-09-09T10:54:29.519+0530 [initandlisten] options: { storage: { dbPath: "d:\mongodb\data" } }
2014-09-09T10:54:29.612+0530 [initandlisten] journal dir=d:\mongodb\data\journal
2014-09-09T10:54:29.612+0530 [initandlisten] recover : no journal files present, no recovery needed
2014-09-09T10:54:30.847+0530 [initandlisten] preallocateIsFaster=true 2.08
2014-09-09T10:54:31.815+0530 [initandlisten] preallocateIsFaster=true 2.16
2014-09-09T10:54:33.612+0530 [initandlisten] preallocateIsFaster check took 3.995 secs
2014-09-09T10:54:33.628+0530 [FileAllocator] allocating new datafile d:\mongodb\data\local.ns, filling with zeroes...
2014-09-09T10:54:33.628+0530 [FileAllocator] creating directory d:\mongodb\data\_tmp
2014-09-09T10:54:33.831+0530 [FileAllocator] done allocating datafile d:\mongodb\data\local.ns, size: 16MB,  took 0.174 secs
2014-09-09T10:54:33.847+0530 [FileAllocator] allocating new datafile d:\mongodb\data\local.0, filling with zeroes...
2014-09-09T10:54:34.315+0530 [FileAllocator] done allocating datafile d:\mongodb\data\local.0, size: 64MB,  took 0.473 secs
2014-09-09T10:54:34.315+0530 [initandlisten] build index on: local.startup_log properties: { v: 1, key: { _id: 1 }, name: "_id_", ns: "local.startup_log" }
2014-09-09T10:54:34.315+0530 [initandlisten]     added index to empty collection
2014-09-09T10:54:34.315+0530 [initandlisten] command local.$cmd command: create { create: "startup_log", size: 10485760, capped: true } ntoreturn:1 keyUpdates:0 numYields:0  reslen:37 679ms
2014-09-09T10:54:34.331+0530 [initandlisten] waiting for connections on port 27017
2014-09-09T10:55:33.626+0530 [clientcursormon] mem (MB) res:37 virt:303
2014-09-09T10:55:33.626+0530 [clientcursormon]  mapped (incl journal view):160
2014-09-09T10:55:33.626+0530 [clientcursormon]  connections:0

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