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Copy & Paste and Shared folder between Oracle VirtualBox Host And Guest Machines

Copy & Paste and Shared folder between Oracle VirtualBox Host And Guest Machines

Following are the steps for configure the machine:

1. Open the Oracle Virtual Box Software.

2. Go to tab Setting for virtual machine or right click on specific virtual machine go to setting.


3. A Setting windows for virtual machine is open then go to general tab of left panel and select advanced tab on right panel.


4. Choose bidirectional option on both fields for enable the copy & paste option.


5. For Shared Folder Configuration select Shared Folder in left panel on Same setting windows.


6. Then add the folder from right side + button and give it permission as needed.
Choose the path which need to shared from Host machine and assign permission or auto-mount option as shown below:

Shared Folder2.JPG

7. Then Start the Virtual Machine and you will see the upper option in virtual machine.
Note: If you are in Scaled Mode in View option you did not see upper tabs. Then Go to Virtual Machine(Guest Machine) press host key + Home ( Default Right CTRL + HOME ) then you will see the view option and click on Scaled or Full version.


8. Go to the Devices tab and Select install Guest additional CD.


9. I am using Linux machine, So, Get the following popup to run it.


10. After successfully installation, Restart the Guest Virtual Machine. Then you got both copy & paste and Shared folder on your desktop.