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Expdb and Impdb for table with different name and schema

Expdb and Impdb for a table with different name and schema

Expdp and Impdp is the logical oracle backup utility. It is used for logically backup of the database.

Esample: we take backup of table EMPLOYEE in SCOTT schema from the production environment and import the table in new schema HR and changed table name as HR_EMPLOYEE

1. Expdp for the table from the primary database

expdp directory=datapump1 dumpfile=expdp_table.dmp logfile=expdp_table.log tables=SCOTT.EMPLOYEE

2. Impdp the table with different name and user in Test Environment

impdp  REMAP_SCHEMA=SCOTT:HR REMAP_TABLE=EMPLOYEE:HR_EMPLOYEE directory=datapump1 dumpfile=expdp_table.dmp logfile=impdp_table.log