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Check your UAN Number from PF account

Check your UAN Number from PF account

  1. Get your PF account from your salary slip
  2. Go to the following website

3.  Go to the following form and filled the PF no as you got like

Fill PF Detail
Fill your PF account Detail

4. Then website validate your PF account if it exists than it will open the following screen below the same page otherwise it will give the message like: Member ID PBCHD00225360000000654 does not exist in member master.

UAN Number Detail
UAN Number Detail filled

Procedure to pay online Tax in India

Procedure to filled online Tax

For Filling online Tax, You need to submit the Challan No for the tax

Note: IF you are salaried employee then fill the challan No: 280

1. Go to the following website

2. Fill the form if you are salaried employee

select “0021 option” for individual and if having company then select “0020 option”

Note: Please ensure that PAN No is correct.

After entering all the details, click on PROCEED button.
The system will display the contents you have entered along with the
“Name” appearing in the Income Tax Department database with respect to the PAN
entered by you.

4. If you want to edit than use EDIT button otherwise Click on Submit Button

5. Then you will directed to net banking site for payment.

Note: tax should be paid before filing the return. IF you have filed then pay the tax and then you need to fill revised return


Create new user in ITR site or register yourself in online Income Tax Return e-filling system.

New user in ITR site or register yourself in online ITR E-filling system.

  1. Go to the following website:

  1. Go to register Yourself button as screen shot:


 3. After click on Register yourself you will see the following screen. Choose user type:


  1. Then you will press continue button and see the following form for filling for registration step 1 , step 2 and step 3 and submit it.


You will now successfully register in ITR site after filling the form and submitted.

Check your PF Balance Online

Check your PF Balance Online

Step 1: You must have your PF Account Number. It is normally mentioned in your pay slip otherwise contact to HR department.
like this


Step 2: Go to the following link:


Step 3: Please select the state of your PF belong:


Step 4: My account is in Gurgaon .So i am selection Haryana as example:


Step 5: Select Gurgaon location then you will get the following. Please fill your account detail in it and tick on i agree and submit it.


Step 6: you will get a balance message in your mobile. Thanks

Universal Account Number (UAN)

Universal Account Number Generation Steps

Click the link for UAN:

Objective of UAN:

A universal number will be generated for each of the PF Account Number at EPFO NDC. The UAN will act as an umbrella for the multiple Member Ids allotted to the same individual. The idea is to concatenate multiple Member Identification Numbers (Member Id) allotted to a single member under single Universal Account Number. This will help the member to view details of all the Member Identification Numbers (Member Id) linked to it. If a member has already been allotted Universal Account Number (UAN) then he/ she may provide the same to new establishment/ employer which in turn will mark the new allotted Member Identification Number (Member Id) to the Universal Identification Number (UAN).

Step_1: After browsing above link the below screen will appear.


Step_2: Refer Member column.


Step_3: Register yourself for UAN.


Step_4: Click to activate check box.


Step_5: Enter the following details once you have received UAN from your employer


Step_6: Once the submit button is pressed, following screen will appear which will show that member’s creditials are verified. This screen allows member to create username & password for login to UAN portal to have an access of the facilities provided in the UAN member portal. Refer the below screen & fill the details for username & password.


Step_7: After submitting, following screen will come and message will go to the member’s phone for disseminating his / her username / password to access UAN member portal. Importantly, the employee must record the username & password to use it in future.


Step_8: Once the member has activated his / her UAN based registration, he / she any time login to the portal by using his / her username & password created by himself / herself.


Step_9: The screen below address member by member’s name and UAN on the R.H.S. and displays instructions along with information and facilitates members to Download Passbook/UAN Card, Tag Previous Member ID/View Linking Status, File Transfer Claim/View Transfer Claim Status/System / Generated Transfer Claim Status, Edit Mobile Number/Update KYC Information/Change Password, View FAQ, Contact Us and Logout. Click to “Download UAN card”.


Step_10: The following screen shows front and back side of the member’s UAN Card. Download UAN Card option is given on this screen which provides PDF format of the same. Front portion of the UAN Card displays UAN, Name, Father’s/Husband’s Name, Member-ID, Photo and KYC. Back side of the Member’s UAN card displays five Member-IDs linked with this UAN alongwith helpdesk no. and website. If KYC of this member is uploaded by the employer, it will reflect on the front side of the UAN card by displaying ‘Yes’ in front of KYC. In case of non availability of KYC, it will always reflect ‘No’ in front of KYC on the UAN Card.


Important: Please note that the UAN member portal is still under customization hence only following facilities are available:

  1. Download Passbook – for RPFC PF members only ( PF Trust members can view / download their PF statement in DKM online)
  2. Download UAN Card – All employees
  3. List Previous Member ID (PF No.) – All employees
  4. Enter KYC details (this is optional – as employer uploads the KYC on behalf of employees).
  5. Check Eligibility for online transfer claim – All employees (facility of PF transfer claim from UAN portal is still under customization)
  6. Edit personal details – All employees