Create a listener with NETCA in Oracle

Create a listener with Netca in Oracle

Following are the steps to create a listener with NETCA utility in Oracle.

  1. Open the command prompt/ terminal window and type NETCA.
$ netca

2. NETCA command will open an application Network configuration assistant to configure listeners or tnsnames.ora files. We are creating a listener in this example: Choose the listener configuration and press Next.

3. Choose to add an option for adding the Listener or the delete option for deleting the existing listener present.

4. Choose the name of the listener in the next window (default name: LISTENER)

5. Choose the listener Port you want to configure. The default TCP is used.

6. Specify the Port number if you do not want to use the default one 1521 then you choose another port number and specify the port number in that like 1523

7. Choose No if you do not want to create another listener.

8. Listener configuration is complete. Press next

9. Press finish to close this window.

10. Check-in services.msc in Windows platform or ps -ef or lsrnctl utility to verify the listener status:

lsnrctl status listener_name

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