Install PostgreSQL in Windows platform

Install the PostgreSQL in Windows Platform

  1. Download the PostgreSQL for window platform.
  2. Double click on the downloaded setup.
  3. Following screen appear for setup the PostgreSQL

4. Choose the Destination folder in which you want to install.

5. Select the components you want to install and press next button.

6. Choose the location where datafiles need to setup for databases.

7. Put the password for the Superuser (postgres).

8. Specify the port for the postgreSQL database server used for connectivity: (keep as default 5432.

9. Select the locale to be used by the new database cluster:

10. It will show the summary of installation parameter selected in all previous screen.

11. Ready to Install

12. Install process is in progress:

13. Finish

14. Configure StackBuilder for additional software requirement:

15. You can select any additional component to install from stackbuilder:

16. If you want to install something then select and go to NEXT otherwise CANCEL it. As an example, I selected one component and press NEXT button.

17. On click Next, it will start the download process on mentioned directory:

18. If you want to continue the select NEXT otherwise for later installation select skip.

19. Finish the other component installation.


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