Lock or unlock command in a swarm cluster in Docker

Initiate the lock on Swarm cluster in Docker

Enable the lock on Swarm cluster in Docker

--Enable the autolock while creating the swarm cluster
#docker swarm init  --autolock 

--Enable the autolock with already exists swarm cluster
#docker swarm update --autolock=true

sunny@Oracle1:~/Desktop$ docker swarm update --autolock=true

Swarm updated.

To unlock a swarm manager after it restarts, run the `docker swarm unlock`

command and provide the following key:


Please remember to store this key in a password manager, since without it you

will not be able to restart the manager.


Note: you need to remember the key for unlock and need to restart the service of docker for implement lock or unlock.

sudo systemctl restart docker 

If you try to check the swarn node list then you will get the error without unlocking it as:

root@Oracle1:/home/sunny/Desktop# docker  node ls

Error response from daemon: Swarm is encrypted and needs to be unlocked before it can be used. Please use "docker swarm unlock" to unlock it.

#docker swarm unlock  -- Enter the key as generated above while setup the lock

root@Oracle1:/home/sunny/Desktop# docker swarm unlock

Please enter unlock key: 

root@Oracle1:/home/sunny/Desktop# docker  node ls


qz7ctlqi486ogcmfchj8gphsb *   Oracle1    Ready     Active         Leader           20.10.22


Disable the autolock in swarm cluster:

root@Oracle1:/home/sunny/Desktop# docker swarm update --autolock=false

Swarm updated.


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