Connection timeout occur with new AWS RDS MariaDB instance

Connection timeout occur first time when new AWS RDS for MariaDB instance

While try to connect the AWS RDS MariaDB instance, which is newly created instance with public access getting error: Connection Timeout Occur during connectivity.

Solution: Need to edit the Security Group to add inbound connection

  1. Go to the RDS Service and Select the Database.

2. It will show you connectivity & Security tab, Which having Endpoint as Source address and Port as port number to connect. One another thing need to enable is Security group. So click on the Security group to enable public access.

3. You will move to the Security Group page and then click on the Security group to open INBOUND Rules Connection setting –> Edit Inbound Rules

4. Add the inbound rule to the security group to open inbound connection.

5. After save the inbound rule, check the connection connectivity, It should be resolved and database is connected.

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