Trace the SQL Queries in MariaDB

For trace, the Queries executing from the application side in MariaDB provides a general_log parameter for enabling and disabling the traces.

Check status of General Log

SELECT @@general_log;

For Enable the trace of SQL Queries:

SET GLOBAL general_log=1;

For Disable the trace of SQL Queries:

set global general_log=0;

Check and change the general log output as FILE or TABLE

-- Check the log file output format:
select @@log_output
FILE        |

Check the file location:
SELECT @@general_log_file;

--Change the log file format to TABLE:
SET GLOBAL log_output='TABLE';

Check the table for Log generation or SQL traces:

select * from mysql.general_log;

--Empty the table if no need
truncate table mysql.general_log;

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