Lifecyle rule Management in S3 service of AWS

LifeCyle Management in S3

It is used to manage object in S3 buckets.
It is used for configure rules for moving data in S3 from one storage tier to another storage tier or remove/expire object permanently.

Automatic moving you objects between the different storage tiers.
Can be used in Conjunction with versioning.
can be applied to current versions.
can be applied to previous vesions.

Following are the example show to create the Lifecyle policy in S3 Service

1. Login with AWS console and go to S3 service.

2. Select the bucket and Management tab where we found life cycle tab.
Select the BUCKET –> then go to MANAGEMENT tab –> LIFECYLE

Lifecycle S3

3. Press Add button for life-cycle rule as show below:
One new window will open as following levels:

A. Add Name and scope
Enter your lifecycle rule name
Note: Prefix is used to set for particular prefix objects

Name of lifecycle

b. Go to Next Transitions
Choose the Storage Class transitions for move from one storage tier to another storage tier as you business need.


c. Expiration
In this you move the current object into the previous version and also you can delete the previous version permanently from S3 objects. You can define rule according to your needs.


d. Review

You can review the setting and save the lifecyle for creation.


4. New lifecycle is started shown in Management tab of bucket.

Lifecycle created

Delete the Lifecyle rule
Simple click on the run will enable the DELETE button as shown below. Then press the DELETE button press CONFIRM Button for delete the rule.

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