Log.xml files in diagnostic destination fill up the space of alert log

Log.xml files in diagnostic destination fill up the space of alert log

In Oracle 12c, the log files is automatically created for 10 MB size as file size reached to 10 MB then it create new file for log.
It is used by ADRCI utility. The size is increasing of alert and log.xml file in Oracle 12c is usually. It provide patching information and parameters information.
If you don’t want to log the extra information in alert log file. then you can disable this extra log information by disable the following parameters.

Following are the hidden parameters for stop extra information write to log.xml files:

---Avoid logging the parameters information in log.xml file:

--Avoid logging the patch information in log.xml file:

You can also configure purging policy with ADRCI utiliy.
Note: Purge parameter pass is in minutes.

--Purge 1 day old data
PURGE -age 1440 -type TRACE

--Purge 1 day old alert data
PURGE -age 1440 -type ALERT

--Purge 1 day old incident data
purge -age 1440 -type incident

--Purge all logs including everything older than 1 month
purge -age 43200

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