Create EC2 Window Machine on AWS Free Tier Cloud

Create an Ec2 Window instance on AWS Free Tier Cloud

Following are the Steps for Creating EC2 instance

1. Open the following link in your Web browser.

2. Login with your credential created in following blogAWS Free Tier Account with sign in button at right corner


3. Next Page will ask your username & password.


4. Select SERVICES from left side and in Compute tab select EC2 service for creating a window server instance.


5. On Page you find all the resources information running from your account and having Launch button for creating new instance as shown below.


Launch instance button you will have 7 steps process to launch an new Instance
A) Choose an Amazon Machine Image
B) Choose Instance type
C) Configure Instance
D) Add Storage
E} Add Tags
F) Configure Security Group
G) Review

6. In First Step, choose the specify platform like Unix, Linux , Windows platform for your Instance
Note: Choose free tier option present on left side


7. Choose Instance type in this we have option of choosing the hardware configuration of Instance as we needed. It has specific types as:
General Purpose : Balance of all resources like memory, CPU, Network
Compute Optimized: Higher number of CPUs
GPU Optimized : Used for Graphics with higher GPU,CPU,Memory or Network
Memory Optimized: Used higher memory
Storage Optimized: With direct storage as needed.

Note: We are choosing t2.Micro as free instance


8. Configure Instance has option of choosing Network, IP address, Number of Instance etc. We keep it default now.


9. Forth Step is add Storage, Default Storage for window is 30 GB which is in Free tier.


10. Fifth Step add tag to your instance for know it quickly. Example if you are using instance as WebServer then provide Key as Name value and Value as WebServer. So that you easily identified from multiple server which is your web server. It is like a naming convention for Server.


11. Next Step you need to configure the Security Group. In this you can add new security group to your Server and choose the existing already created security group for connection purpose.
Key-Value define:
Type you can select the way of connectivity like TCP, HTTP, FTP etc.
Port Specify the port number on which you make connection.
Source have 3 option :
Custom – Means provide your range of IP or network range.
Anywhere – Means you can connect from anywhere in world.
MY IP – Mean use your current IP address of System and connect only with that.


12. Review Instance Launch and launch the instance.


13. After launch button, it show the following screen for Key Pair, Keypair are the public and private key which is used for connectivity with the Server. If you lost you key then you are not able to connect with your instance. So create new key provide some KEY PAIR NAME in text box and download and save it.


14. After key Pair download, then you got the message you instance is launching.


15. Click on instance launching then you will go to following screen.


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