Orapw command and new privileges in 12c Oracle

Understand 12c released orapw command and new privileges

In 11g, administrative privileges are mostly depend on one role Sysdba.
In 12c release, Oracle create new roles related to task or reduced privileges for specific task.

SYSBACKUP: privileges is for rman backup and restore operation
SYSDG : Privileges is used for Data Guard Operations
SYSKM : Privileges is used for transparent data encryptions
SYSRAC : Managed RAC services (released in )

Note: SYSRAC is not available in password file or network authentication methods

Check sysrac privileges with example:

grant sysrac to c##test;

ORA-28190: SYSRAC administrative privileges cannot be granted to other users

Migration of Old 12c release 1 password file to 12c release 2

--first rename old file and migrate old password file to new format 12.2
orapw file=orapwcdb1 inputfile=orapwcdb12.1 format=12.2

-- Old password file in 12.1
orapw file=orapwcdb1 entries=5 format=12

Check the password file format

orapwd describe file=orapwcdb1
Password file description format=12.2 -- it is 12.2 released format

Note: default format is 12 as released in 12.1

Change and define the name of OS group in lib file

In linux
1. Go to oracle home


2. Define the name and group

#define SS_DBA_GRP "dba"
#define SS_OPER_GRP "oper"
#define SS_ASM_GRP ""
#define SS_BKP_GRP "backupdba"
#define SS_DGD_GRP "dgdba"
#define SS_KMT_GRP "kmdba"
#define SS_RAC_GRP "rac"

3. rename the file and link in linux

mv config.o config.o.orig
make -f ins_rdbms.mk ioracle

In windows:
Windows User Group is ORA_%HOSTNAME%_SYSRAC

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