Installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Microsoft SQL Server is a database software used to managed the data of the users. It is relational database software. We are going to cover basic installation steps

Step 1: Click the Setup button of SQL Server 2008 Standard edition

Step 2: Click on the Run Program

Step 3: Below window appears on the Window Server

Step 4: Go to installation and click on right side with New SQL Server Stand-alone Installation. We are going to install stand alone database.

Step 5: Test all the required things needed for installation.

Step 6: select the License and Accept the License and Click on Next button:

Step 7: Start the setup of supported files and press install

Step 8: Check the progress

Step 9:  Validated the installation

Step 10: Select the feature of SQL Server need to install.

Step 11: Configure the install name and SQL Server Location

Step 12: Get the disk space requirement and press the next button

Step 14: Configure the service account for the SQL Server services

Step 15: Configure the Mixed mode authentication and sa password for SQL Server

Step 16: Configure for Analysis Service

Add current account and press NEXT

Step 17: Configure the Reporting Services in Native Mode if you want to configured it with sharepoint then chose 2nd option

Step 18: Press Next

Step 19: Press Next

Step 20: finally go to install button for progress

Step 21: Installation is started it took around 40 minutes to complete installation

Step 22: The installation of all component is done

Step 23: Installation is completed

Step 24 : Verify the installation of component in start button of windows

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