Oracle Database version 11.1g new features

Oracle Database version 11.1g new features
Overall, Oracle Database 11g makes database infrastructure far more efficient, resilient, and manageable. For example, very compelling new features in the realm of partitioning ease the
design and management of partitioned tables immensely.

1) SQL Performance Analyzer (SPA)
2) Database Replay
3) Automatic Memory Tuning
4) Case sensitive password
5) Virtual columns and indexes
6) Interval Partition and System Partition
7) Feature based patching
8) RMAN Undo bypass
9) New default Audit setting
10) Faster DML triggers
11) Parallel backup and restore for very large files
12) Improved block media recovery performance
13) Enhanced Index rebuild online: Online index build with NO pause to DML.
14) No recompilation of dependent objects
15) Fast incremental backups on physical standby database


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